5 Tips for Generating More Leads for Your Business

Generating More LeadsFor many businesses, lead generation spans across multiple touchpoints. For your business to survive, you have to be able to generate sales leads. Here are some of the top tips for generating more leads for your business.

Utilize Both Inbound and Outbound Marketing

According to recent statistics, outbound marketing is more effective than inbound marketing, but that doesnÕt mean that you should ditch your inbound marketing strategy. If you can deploy both approaches in a balanced way, it will help to generate more leads. To make the most out of your inbound marketing efforts, personalize your email communication and get more active in online communities.

Restrict High Demand Content to Registered Users

If you create highly unique and on-demand content, it is a good idea to restrict it so that only registered users of your website have access to it. Many companies that publish their own research reports and surveys use this approach because their content is in high demand in their industry and it is a tactic that has proven to generate high-quality leads.

Offer Free Trials

Providing free trials to qualified customers is a common practice for businesses that sell online. There are two objectives for the tactic. The first is to allow prospects the opportunity to test your product to see if it will fit their needs. Secondly, and more importantly, offering a free trial is a great way to capture the contact details of users who may not have otherwise provided it.

Optimize Your Landing Page

One of the most underused strategies for generating more leads is optimizing and reducing the clutter on your landing page. Every line and link that appears on your landing page is a distraction that could keep your prospects from signing up. To generate more leads, reduce the clutter, and keep the focus on your sign-up form.

Change Your Bait

A recent study conducted by the Digital Marketing Association found that more than 60 percent of visitors sign up for company newsletters to get the offers. Along with providing a free product, whether it be a white paper, eBook, or other digital product, you can also change the marketing message to generate more leads. Instead of saying sign up for our newsletter, you can change it to Òget exclusive discounts here. Making this simple change can have a significant impact on the leads that you generate.

Implementing these lead generation strategies can go a long in increasing the number of visitors that convert to quality leads.